HyperConverged? What does that mean ?

Nowadays we are hearing a lot of new words meaning sounds more than one word. And there is a new popular one . “ HyperConverged” lets take look a little bit deeper but starting basics. First lets look the words meaning,


Chapter ONE

Word Meanings,
Hyper means ‘extremly , too much’ short of long more than expected.
Converged means ‘combined services’ in terms of IT for example network, data services.

Ok we defined the words now lets combine them,

HyperConverged means combined IT services solutions.

Lets go a little bit deeper with technology,

Chapter TWO

What is general IT Services in Modern Data Centers ?
In modern Datacenters we need to define what services do we serve and how . Again the basics first,

. Data Services
. Data Layer Network Services
. Backup Services
. Network Services
. Voice and Colobration Services
. Security and Compliance Services
. Monitoring , Loging and Analyze Services


These are the basic services that we try to give on our DataCenters today. Each layer of services has its own needs. For example we need a pyhsical disks to store our data, then we have to acces these data from our computers via network via cables or wirelles so we need network components. But wait a second what happens if our data is stolen by strangers ? At this point the security services comes to the game ,firewalls,IPS devices, etc. Now we have secure connected data services but we also communicate with our colleague or clients and this time Voice and Collobration services comes with IP Video, and Voice devices . All these devices needs to be cared by us needs to monitor and understanding what is going on . For that we are setting up monitoring,loging and analyzing systems in our DataCenters. Now this is the very very basic view of our DataCenter services but i guess you have many questions about alot of layers, devices and systems .

Chapter THREE

So lets see this a little bit visual for better understanding ,

Here is the example of todays tradational data centers,



This is the what we see when enter the DataCenter. Lets see the logical views,